Baseball & Softball

Thank you for your interest in Great Saves. Below you will find some of the services we offer for Baseball & Softball. Some will have prices attached to them and other will not. Some jobs require many different ways to repair or customize an item. Therefore we use a quote price as these prices vary with the cost. Please note, that if you donít see an item listed, that dose not mean we do not offer that service. We only list a few of many different repairs or customizing service we can perform to an item. If you have something else in mind, please contact use with any questions you may have. We will tell you if your piece of equipment is worth fixing at a price that makes sense.

In addition our alterations & customizing is a huge part of our service! We can basically alter and customize anything! If you have a piece of equipment that just doesn't feel right. Either you are getting hit in areas you need additional padding, or you have to adjust something because it causes discomfort. We can also extend your equipment because you grew out of it. These are all alterations we have done thousands of times! There really is no job we cannot do; it just need to make sense cost wise to do it!

GREAT SAVES offers complete reconditioning on both the adult & youth chest protectors. We also add custom padding if needed.From $9.95 & Up

GREAT SAVES can replace most parts on the catcher's mask including padding, back straps & throat protectors. From $12.95 To $19.95 Each.

There are many different parts that can break prematurely on catcher's shin guards. GREAT SAVES stocks many of the replacement parts such as knee caps, shin caps, toe caps, thigh caps, D-rings & straps. GREAT SAVES can also add custom padding for additional protection. From $10.95 TO $19.95 Per Pair For Most Styles

Don't let your equipment limit your ability to win. GREAT SAVES' years of experience in rewebbing, repairing and customizing baseball & softball gloves has satisfied thousands of customers nationwide.From $24.95 & Up for most models.

Batting helmets must be maintained in to properly protect players. After we replace the damaged padding in the helmet, we then clean, check, sanitize & wax the helmet to get it to look & perform as close to new as possible. $7.95 & UP.

GREAT SAVES offers leather grips for $9.95 each.


Professional pitching machine service & repair!

With over 25 years in business, Great Saves is renowned for maintaining and servicing baseball & softball equipment. This also includes our professional repairs on baseball pitching machines! We service most any brand, including both single and double wheel machines. For furthur information please call or email us @ 630-295-9396

For Baseball jerseys and pants, GREAT SAVES can save you the great expense of having to buy new uniforms just because there may be a few holes or tears in them. For a reasonable cost, we can mend & repair your team uniforms. From 9.95 To $ $19.95 Each.

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