Goalie Equipment

Thank you for your interest in Great Saves. Below you will find some of the services we offer for Goalie Equipment for both lacrosse and hockey. Some will have prices attached to them and other will not. Some jobs require many different ways to repair or customize an item. Therefore we use a quote price as these prices vary with the cost. Please note, that if you don�t see an item listed, that dose not mean we do not offer that service. We only list a few of many different repairs or customizing service we can perform to an item. If you have something else in mind, please contact use with any questions you may have. We will tell you if your piece of equipment is worth fixing at a price that makes sense.

In addition our alterations & customizing is a huge part of our service! We can basically alter and customize anything! If you have a piece of equipment that just doesn't feel right. Either you are getting hit in areas you need additional padding, or you have to adjust something because it causes discomfort. We can also extend your equipment because you grew out of it. These are all alterations we have done thousands of times! There really is no job we can�t do, it just need to make sense cost wise to do it!

Goalie Pads

Toe Buckles Replaced....$9.50 Each
Tie Downs Laces Only....$6.00 Pair
Butterfly Tie Downs....$45.00 Pair
Leather Straps Replaced....$22.50 Each
Cleaning & Conditioning front sides of pads, Includes removing puck marks....$60 to $80 per set
Goalie Pad Re-Coloring: Get your goalie pads looking good again! Remove puck marks and have your worn areas re-colored and then conditioned. Great Saves fills in most worn areas that have lost its original color on the pads, and then conditions them so that they look good again! This cost will depend on the amount of re-coloring needed. Average price on this job has been from $75 to $125 per set of pads.


Goalie Pad Color Change: You may have changed teams or just don't like your current color of the pads. Or you found a pair of pads at a great price, but again are just not sold on the color. No problem! Let Great Saves make it right for you!


We can change some of these colors for you. Most of the time we can cover darker colors over lighter colors. Black, red, blue, navy, etc. can cover certain lighter colors, such as white, silver, yellow, etc. Not all colors will cover well so please ask us and we can advise you if your color change will work.


Cost on this job will depend on the amount of color change needed. Average price has been from $150 to $225 per set of pads.


Goalie Pad shortening: Pads too long? No problem. Great Saves can shorten your pads to make them fit you correctly. The shortening will come off the top as it is really the only way to do the job at a reasonable price. Please determine the amount you want off the top and the type of pads you have for a price. Average cost on this job ranges from $300 to $350 on an adult pair of pads, and $250 to $300 on a junior pair of pads.


Goalie Pad shortened by 1 inch.

Goalie Pad narrowing: Pads too wide? Great Saves can narrow your pads for you! The narrowing of the pads will come from the inside area. Usually 1 inch will make a big difference. This job has been done to either make pads legal for 11 inch pad rules, or simply to add mobility to your game! Too many times, younger goalies buy pads that look great in the stores, but once on the ice with them, they quickly find that they can't move as good as their old pads. Cost on this job ranges from $300 to $350 and up on an adult/pro pair of pads, and $300 to $250 and up on a high end of junior pair of pads. For youth pads please check with us to make sure it makes sense cost wise, as we may be able to do this job for less.

Mask Refurbishing

Padding Replaced....Quote price
New Sweat Band....$9.95 Each
New Chin Cup....$9.95 Each
Replace Screws as needed....Quote price
Replace Straps and Clips as needed....Quote price
Full Service....Appx $99.95

Catch Gloves

Catch Glove Relaced Double T....$155.00
Catch Glove Relaced Single T....$125.00
Catch Glove Custom Work....Quote Price
Clean and Sanitize....$25
Goalie blocker & catch glove re-coloring & color change: Like with the goalie pads, we can re-color some the areas on both the blocker and catch glove where the original color has worn off. We can also change certain colors. The same rule applies here like the goalie pads. Darker colors many times will cover lighter colors very nicely. However, lighter colors usually can not cover darker very well. Cost on these jobs will also vary on the amount of coloring that needs to be done. Please send us your request and we can quote you on this job.


Repalm Blocker Glove/Adult....$125.00 Each
Repalm Blocker Glove/Youth....$105.00 Each
Catch or Blocker Glove Conditioned....$8.25 Each
Other Custom Work....Quote Price
Clean and Sanitize....$25

great saves blocker repair
great saves blocker repair

Chest and Arm Protectors

Cleaned, Checked & Sanitized....$25 Each
Repairs, Custom Alterations Quote Price
Strap Replacemet....Quote Price
Extra Padding Added....Quote Price

Hockey Pants

Breaser Buttons Replaced....$5.75 & Up
Eyelets Replaced....Quote Price
Padding Added....Quote Price
Sewing, Patching....Quote Price
Custom Alterations....Quote Price
Clean, Check & Sanitize....$20 Each



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